Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Feed me, Seymour

Unfortunately this is a text post not the video post that we battled with last night (yes, again...Premiere keeps munging the audio that comes from my webcam) Going lo-tech is cheaper but man, oh man are we paying in sweat and frustration. They say what doesn't kill ya, makes you stronger...we'll see about that.

Hardware/software troubles aside we are steadily progressing towards being fully immersed and available in vlogs.

With some great help from Josh over at FireAnt and tutorial #7 (which I should've viewed first...) at freevlog.org we now have a feedburner feed that works in FireAnt. (feedlink)


Some of the clips look a bit nasty in FireAnt if the viewer windows is large but that will be resolved once we improve the quality of or clips.

...another step forward.


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