Monday, July 04, 2005

Learning curve

Since the purpose of this site is to explore and report on the new technology and it's effect on our communications, etc. I should share my experiences through this vlogging learning curve.

After fighting with one particular video last night for hours and then more time this morning I have come to the conclusion that I can't completely 'dummy' my way through this.

I have been lucky with the last few vlogs, but since we are starting lo-tech and capturing video and audio from several different sources...and I am stuck with a PC for now, there are times when producing a nice clean product is very frustrating.

I guess it is time to roll up my sleeves, open the hood and put my software-engineer hat back on. Time to figure how all this mess works. I want more control.

I was determined to get a small file, but now I see that with the progressive downloading, that isn't a big deal. Once I get a TV Tuner card in my PC and we can use a camcorder to capture and that will reduce the capturing issues, but I'd still like to be able to grab clips from anything since they all have a certain 'feel' to them. (webcam, digital cam clips, etc.)

We have Anne's Mac to fall back on, but I am determined to be able to produce from my PC....I am sure by the time I get it figured out I will have saved enough to buy a Mac....ah, c'est la vie.

Very frustrated, but undaunted. (sometimes tenacity isn't a good thing)


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