Thursday, March 30, 2006

eyespot - Pyromaniac clip

I have been testing out for our Testing-Grounds review site. Here's a clip, actually 2 clips that I 'mixed' together using eyespot.

It's a snappy site that allows you to uloaded clips and mix them with your clips or other peoples. Long live the mash-up!

They are still in beta (isn't everyone these days?) and plan to add transitions and fades...should be cool.

Check it out, and leave a comment here or on the Testing-Grounds site.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Ask A Ninja: Question 16 "How To Kill A Ninja""

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.5 min, 16.1 MB)

Original post, from Ask A Ninja - You Got Questions, Ninja Got Answers.:

Rude Randy asks the Ninja how to kill a ninja. Click below to Download this movie: (Use 'Save As' Control Click for Macs and Right Click For Windows) iPod Quicktime WMV MP3 If you like it, tell a friend! You got questions, Ninja got answers. Previous Episodes of Ask A Ninja Remember to send your questions to This is a podcast and can be automagically downloaded to you computer through iTunes. Please upgrade to the newest version of Quicktime.

(Via Mefeedia)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

His new shoes

click to view clip

The boy got some new shoes from his mom. Here's a clip to show her what she bought.

Quicktime, ~4Mb, 1min. 24 sec.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sink Soup

click to view clip

Quicktime, ~4.8Mb, ~1.5 minutes

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Online video sharing site reviews

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Hot off the press: TestingGrounds at

Thanks to Deirdre Straughan's work, we've collected all of her video sharing site reviews and created a place for them for users and site providers to provide feedback about those services.  You can subscribe to any site review's comments with your RSS aggregator to stay up to date with the latest feedback.

We will be adding to the reviews as time goes on.  Send in any information you might have for a site that we don't have listed already.

Special thanks to Anne for carrying all that content over, it was a lot of work!  We hope this will provide users who are lookiing for a place to park their content with a nice list of reviews so they don't have to find out the hard way which site might be better for them.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Loadedpun - a new project

Anne and I have started It's actually been released to the wild and wooly web for two weeks now. It's a blog, like this one (technically this one is a vlog or video-blog) where we talk about new stuff in the realm of blogs, vlogs and video goodness.

It's going along nicely as we are starting to make connections in the online video world. Our aim is to provide a nice place for people that are just starting to videoblog as well as have interesting content for those that have been doing it for a while. We also feature information about other online video that doesn't have anything to do with videoblogging.

I take care of the technical side of things. I hacked together a wordpress template for the first time (we wanted our own look and feel, not the vanilla wordpress templates) which was cool...and I even wrote my first wordpress plug-in (the this week thing on loadedpun that shows the posts for current week) Nothing special, just some php and mysql database interaction with a dash of wordpress functions in for good measure...but that's new stuff for me so it's cool.

So when I am not working on Mefeedia with Peter and Mike, it's loadedpun that takes the rest of my time on the 'puter.

...btw, stay tuned to Mefeedia's blog, I am giving it a facelift tonight ;)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gmail's lustre is fading..

I am getting so sick of seeing this:


Every day at least once in the afternoon, I get this when I check my gmail. WTF?

For his mom.

click to view clip

Quicktime, ~2Mb, 47 sec.