Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sonny and Cher, ala Anne and Bekah

Sonny and Cher, ala Anne and Bekah
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At June 19, 2006, Blogger leslie said...

bravo ladies! another reason i wish i could have made it to vloggercon.

At June 19, 2006, Blogger Anne Walk said...

*bows* ty, ty, leslie. it was a blast. wish you were there too.

At June 21, 2006, Blogger missbhavens said...

Seriously: we rule!!

At June 21, 2006, Blogger K.H. said...

so when do you ladies start your coast to coast tour? maybe devlon will agree to be your sound guy.

At June 21, 2006, Blogger Anne Walk said...

yes, devlon will be our roadie. we are heading out to vegas to take the cover bands by storm!

At March 30, 2007, Anonymous jim Graydon said...

Rare uncut footage never seen on TV by Sonny and Cher


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